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This universal BMI ( Body Mass Index) calculator is provided by BodyWeight, the brand of people weighing scales manufactured by DPS-Promatic, visit our home page and see why they can be your next business opportunity...

BMI Calculator for Lb and Ft&In

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BMI calculator in Kg and cm

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DPS-Promatic coin-operated weighing scales weigh up to 200 Kg (440 Lb) in 100g (4 oz) steps. Their height meters measures people Height up to 200 cm (6´8") in 1 cm (4/10") steps. Their BMI computer calculates BMI (Body Mass Index) with decimal accuracy.

Body Mass Index is an established system to judge people obesity.
According to the most popular scheme:
You are SLIM if your BMI is below 20.
You are the in the ideal weight range if between 20 and 25.
You are slightly overweight between 25 and 30.
You are Overweight if over 30.

Increased body mass index (BMI: kg/m2) is associated with increased risks of CHD (Coronary Heart disease). Compared with lean men, men with BMI of 25-29 have been observed to have a 70% greater risk of CHD whereas men with BMI of 29-33 had almost a 3 fold greater risk of CHD.
(World Health Organization-International Society of Hypertension,
Guidelines for the Management of Hypertension (1999).

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